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01.01 Weekly J-pop “Review” but it’s 2021~

Welcome all to 2021~! I hope the first day of the year hasn’t treated you that badly already. Don’t worry, we’re all in this crap together except for the 1% I guess. Anyways, sending you good vibes and well wishes as we enter another uncertain yet tentatively hopeful year.

the shes gone – ディセンバーフール

I’m not going to lie, this one bored me and the story in the MV wasn’t that interesting to me either.

瑛人 – ハッピーになれよ

I think this is the third week in a row this dude’s been in here. Still not sure what genre to place him in since this song reminds me of reggae a little bit. Still, not my cup of tea though so pass once again. Though, I’m sure if I understood more Japanese the lyrics would be mildly entertaining.


This song is alright but I’m not 100% feeling it.

Novel Core – Tenkiame feat. Hina (from FAKY)

You know, I learned last week that FAKY (the group the girl is from) stands for “Five Ass Kicking Youths” and I’ve never been able to get past that.

Oh, the song? Yeah, it’s passable. I’d actually give this another listen though it’s rather generic and not that special, but eh.

My Hair is Bad – 味方

“My Hair is Bad”… some of these names are just fantastic, huh? I’d really like to know the story behind this one. Anyway, song is meh. Listen if you want some mellow soft rock/pop vibes.

DUSTCELL – Mad Hatter

This is kinda a weird one, but I mean, with the MV taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland…it’s no wonder. Despite my love for the beloved timeless classic, I actually don’t like the song. It was sounding alright in the pre-chorus but something about the chorus and some of the verses is pretty bad to me.


Well, it looks like this is a J-pop group hopping onto the resurgence of funky retro pop that is overtaking parts of the world music industry (*cough* K-pop *cough*). It’s alright. I’m more amused by their dancing more than anything though. They seem to really be enjoying it and getting into it and the feeling is a bit infectious.

Ahhh, just looked it up and he is a Japanese Broduce boy – that explains everything.

宇野実彩子 (Uno Misako) (AAA) – サヨナラを選んだ私

It’s meh to me.

秋山黄色 (Akiyama Kiro) -『夢の礫』

It started sounding a bit boring but it gradually picks up in the chorus only to dip again once we hit the verses. Well, regardless, I don’t really like the song that much.

アイナ・ジ・エンド (Aina the End) – 金木犀

This one is also rather boring. I guess this week I’m not here for the slow/mellow sounding songs since I’m already depressed enough.

Ai Hashimoto – Momen no handkerchief 

Actually this song is alright. It personally gives me ASMR vibes so if you don’t like that then pass it. Or maybe it’s her voice? Regardless, I’ll let this one slide, just barely.

天月-あまつき- (Amatsuki) – ルマルソルシエ

Here is another visually stimulating music video paired with a song I don’t particularly care for. I gotta figure out a name for these type of videos cause J-pop is gonna have a lot of these.

天月-あまつき- (Amatsuki) – 無責任せんせーしょん 

Another one from Mr. Amatuski, the utaite. I like this song better than his last, but that’s all I’ll say about it.

IVVY – Freeze

It’s actually not too awful? For a boy group I didn’t have much expectations but it’s alright compared to the ones I’ve reviewed in the past.

MAN WITH A MISSION -「evergreen」

I swear I knew these guys from somewhere but not sure where exactly. The song is basically in English but because of that, it reminds me of any old American band like… Smash Mouth actually, haha. Or even Bowling for Soup.

I Don’t Like Mondays. – ENTERTAINER

This song is pretty pop groovy and to be honest, I like it. It’s not too much in noise but the instrumentals were still good enough for me to nod my head along to it and actually listen to the whole song.

moon drop -【僕といた方がいいんじゃない 】

This is pretty average rock band stuff – nothing too special and serves for good background music but nothing really too compelling to pull you really into the song, at least for me.

上野優華 (Ueno Yuuka) -「好きでごめん」

Kinda boring to be honest? I mean, it’s a nice song but even though it’s nice, it can still be boring. If you didn’t bother to watch, it’s a Christmassy song as well which is expected since we’re still clearing the past week of stuff from 24th-now.

 Vaundy – 世界の秘密

Despite the wacky cast of characters in the song, the melody falls flat even at the chorus so the song feels kinda dragged out and tedious.

ツユ – ルーザーガール

I’m pretty sure this is an utaite. Maybe. Anyway, song is kinda meh. Upbeat with cute quirky visuals to go with it, but not enough for me to enjoy the song as much as I could have.

Da-iCE -「Love Song」

This is from the same guys that brought us that road trip song so you can kinda guess the mood of this song. Still, it’s alright. Passable but average.

須田景凪 (Suda Keina) -「刹那の渦」

Hmmm, this song is tricky because to me it’s average, pretty meh but I also kinda like it? It’s weird but I’ll let this one pass.

Mitei no Hanashi – White Promise

Another Christmassy/Wintry MV. Didn’t really capture my attention as my mind started wandering again to different affairs I gotta do later on in the day, so yeah…not an ear-grabbing song or even visuals (and I LOVE the winter aesthetic).

Chogakusei – But Only You

So another rather famous utaite and BOY, his voice…not the sweet lilting almost effeminate sounding voice a lot of these Japanese boys tend to have. This guy’s voice is deeper and a bit raspier. The song is still pretty average to me, but because of his voice, it gets bumped up a level because as unexpected as his voice is, I actually like it.

くるり – コトコトことでん (feat. 畳野彩加 (Tatamino Ayaka)

I’m not much of a train person and the song ends up falling into the same category. Next.

くるり – 赤い電車 (ver. 追憶の赤い電車)

Same guy as the last song. What’s up with him a trains? Is this his image or is it a temporary thing? Well, I still feel very lukewarm to the song, but I guess I give him credit for appreciating trains as we all should.

曽我部恵 (Sokabe Keiichi)一 – ダンス

Okay, it seem as we get further down the list, the songs are becoming more and more meh. But check out the video I guess if you wanna watch a middle-aged Japanese guy walk around the scenic night views of Japan (Tokyo probably but I dunno).

Shugo Tokumaru (トクマルシューゴ) – Mazume 

The MV is kinda unsettling to me, I dunno why. The song doesn’t help, so skip.

Shugo Tokumaru (トクマルシューゴ) – Hora

Same guy again and not much of an improvement. I just find this one more boring though. The dude is around 40 years old, so just imagine yourself what kinda production he has created.

アフロ- blue feat.澁谷逆太郎

I don’t like this one. Usually a song that has talking in it especially for a long period of time just comes across as awkward to me. The dude talking sounds a bit too excitable considering the video we’re being shown. Pass.

MIRI – Diary

Rapper with that autotuny sound when she sings so you can kinda guess what this sounds like. However, when it gets past that initial part and she’s just rapping, it’s not too bad, but the backing is just…hmm. Not great?


I’m vaguely familiar with Momoiro Clover Z. I mean, a couple of their songs got on my radar years ago thanks to Just Dance Japan. I will admit, this is not one of their better songs and serves a mild and quite flat dose of what I know them for. Shame.


Just listen to the first 15 seconds of this before you decided to judge it. I won’t say anything else about this song.

Well, that’s it for this week. Here’s to a new year and a hope that 2021 will be leagues better than 2020…let’s hope.

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