HI guys, so I’ve moved to a domain where WordPress isn’t in the url – yay! But it’s caused me so much pain…I won’t get into details but I will say that moving domains can cause a boatload of problems you can’t even dream of.

Anyway, this was a SLOW week with J-pop which is a first. Heck, song of the week isn’t even one I necessarily liked but the group sure is interesting. On with the songs…

I Don’t Like Mondays. – ミレニアルズ 〜just I thought〜

This is a 180 from their song, ‘Entertainer,’ that I really ended up loving and became song of the week. By 180, I mean this song is way more emotional and pensive than the groovy pop tunes of ‘Entertainer’ though that’s not bad at all. Bands gotta try different stuff, y’know? Climate change seems to be a main theme in this and even includes a clip of Grete Thurnburg. Anyway, for the song itself, it’s on the nicer side but probably not song of the week material. I’m rocking a bad mental break right now and seeing stuff like this at the moment exacerbates it. Really nice message though.

millennium parade – FAMILIA

Another dramatically emotional song that I really don’t need right now. But really, I actually like this song less than the previous one. It’s a bit dragging.

凛として時雨 (Ling Tosite Sigure) -『Perfake Perfect』

I think this song is for the anime, ‘Psycho Pass,’ an anime I recommend (at least the first season. They did a song for then, too, I believe. Anywho, don’t really like this song that much either. I guess too noisy for me.

乃木坂46 (Nogizaka64) -『口ほどにもないKISS』

After the minute and a half intro introducing the characters and love story of a run away girl with her beau, which I won’t lie…I actually found myself a bit invested in, the song starts and it’s pretty run of the mill for a girl group like Nogizaka64.

乃木坂46 (Nogizaka 64) -『Out of the blue』

This one is just a video of one big slumber party at probably a traditional Japanese inn or something. I actually kinda like this song over their last one.

女王蜂 (Queen Bee) 『夜天(STARRY NIGHT)』

Wait, I actually want to write about this group because the main singer is really interesting to me. Apparently, she is a black Japanese trans singer…which I didn’t think was accepted in a place like Japan, but hm, maybe my K-pop background is to blame for that.

Song is okay, by the way. It reminds me a bit of SEKAI NO OWARI, a band who has a few songs I like. Alright, onwards~

Amadeus – COLD RAIN (2021)

The guy’s voice was deeper than I thought it was going to be. I’m also surprised by the sound of what I suspect is future bass or similar considering I only hear that when it involves kawaii moe girls. Thus…the song is actually alright. Shocker.

Aimer -「季路」

On the other hand, I actually find this one rather boring. Next.

理芽 (RIM) – Tall Story (with Guiano)

This is in the same category as the last song.

Apeace -「Shake it up! -HotLips-」

This is a weird group…Apparently these guys are all Korean and originally debuted in South Korea as any other K-pop group, but then redebuted in Japan and stayed ever since. They’ve been around for nearly a decade – wow.

Song is rather typical and definitely has those K-pop vibes still. I feel kinda bad because you can see how low budget their MV is, but I guess they’re surviving?

私に似ていない彼女 – 藤川千愛

It’s pretty meh.

向井太一 (Mukai Taichi) – Love Is Life

Pretty funky and light and normally I would like this stuff but there’s something about the song holding me back. It’s alright but just not quite there.

yukaDD(;´∀`) -「Superhero (Special Version) [with MOMO]」

Yes, that emoji is part of her name. And yes, that is Momo from K-pop girl group TWICE. Why’s she here when JYP (TWICE’s company) let’s the girls do nothing outside the group – I don’t know. But here she is dancing!

Oh, the song…the song isn’t really my style and I don’t particular like it that much.

epinikia – 縷々燁燁-LuLuYeYe-

Not my cup of tea.

the scented -「 moon down 」

I mean, the song is relaxing but at the same time it carries this lacklusterness that was present in some of the previous songs that kinda put me to sleep.


This wakes me up a bit – thank GOD. Still not rocking my head to it but definitely an improvement.

Suspended 4th -もういい

I really like the company’s name, “Pizza of Death,” but that’s about all I can say here.


Okay, a pretty average boy group song with a Spanish word thrown here and there but don’t worry, it still sounds very pop-like. As you can tell, I’m not impressed but they try.


Oh boy, another boy group but the image is a 180 – we went from tough swag boys to flower boys next door. If anything, while I usually don’t like the song, the music video is somewhat a curiosity to watch even if it makes me a bit uncomfortable (seriously, the dude in the green hoodie stuck out his tongue for no reason for a shot too long). What?

nishina – kedamono no friends

The song is kind of cute in a weird way (isn’t that very Japanese though?). It’s still not quite there but I can appreciate it.


Well, it’s entertaining if you wanna watch three guys in a room doing random stuff like eating, checking the fridge, popping poppers, you know, the works….it’s a loop, isn’t it?

BAND-MAID – Warning!

This song is alright actually. But I don’t really got nothing much to say besides I always do like a bit of rock.


Um, great message, weird video, weird song. I’m not sure how to feel about this one but it’s slightly hypnotic, as in I found myself continuing to watch past the time I should’ve stopped.

TETORA – 抱きしめてるもの

God, maybe there’s something wrong with me this week because I’m barely feeling any of the music. I mean, I am going through a bit of a depressive spell so maybe that’s it…or maybe it’s the music keeping me in that rut.

中島愛 (Nakajima Megumi) – GREEN DIARY

I kinda like the song actually. I mean, it’s not really putting me to sleep so I consider that a plus.

Survive Said The Prophet – 3 A.M.

I just kept them in this list because the name of their band is just rather unique. The song is in English, too, so uh, there’s also that.

和氣あず未 (Waki Azumi) – キュピデビ

Well, of course, the song is rather cute and definitely kept me awake (yeah, that’s an automatic plus for a song this week…).

TFG -「瞬間」

This is made up of stage actors so let’s be gentle when reviewing here, mkay? Well, as with many of the songs this week, I don’t feel particularly anything for the song.

alma – A Girls

I’m not even gonna say anything about this song because I’d be repeating what I’ve been saying for several songs now.

Alright, this review sucked so I won’t keep you any longer – goodbye!

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