I warn you all. This week features quite a lot of songs, so I suggest listening to the first few songs and then hopping around the list if that’s your thing. Otherwise read on (or don’t, I’m not your mother).


I felt like I’ve heard this song before (which is perfectly possible given that many “The First Take” songs aren’t new) but I’ll keep this in because I really love it actually. Good start to the week.

アイナ・ジ・エンド (Aina the End) – 誰誰誰

This girl is something. I still haven’t pinpointed her style yet because it seems to be kinda all over the place. (I’ve not listened to her outside the weekly reviews.) But for a pretty “noisy” song, it’s okay. Personally, it’s the kinda song that’d easily give me a headache though.

CHiCO with HoneyWorks -『私を殺さないで』


CHiCO with HoneyWorks slipping into the week again just before I publish this post. This song s’alright. It’s a pretty chill guitar-backed song with nothing much going on besides vocals. So if that appeals to you than listen on.

Takayan – I love you in any way

Again, the song is pretty alright but it’s the big mood energy this song generates that I can get behind.

まふまふ×天月-あまつき- (mafumafu x amatsuki)メンヘラじゃないもん!【アレンジして歌ってみた】

These guys again. I…don’t mind the song that much actually. I realize I sound like I don’t like them but I do even if every song isn’t for me.

yama – 『名前のない日々へ』

yama’s songs are usually more on the chill side so it can be a hit or miss because they either end up boring or something I can really vibe to on rainy/cloudy days on my bed staring at the ceiling. This song is closer to the latter.

CHAI – チョコチップかもね/Maybe Chocolate Chips (feat. Ric Wilson)

Prime example of a J-pop song you listen to more for how weird and “Oh Japan” it is than for the musical value of the song.

NEE – 九鬼

Song isn’t really up my alley and the MV just ruins it even more because it’s too much for my eyes at times. Hard pass.

【syudou】- キュートなカノジョ

Vocaloid I’m guessing. We have a pretty high cutsey voice so skip if that’s not for you. It’s not all over the place or a mess like others in this genre so I’ll appreciate that and move on.

KANKAN (缶缶) – Bloody Mary (prod. FAKE TYPE.)

I actually don’t mind this song. It kinda has a swing/jazz pop feel to it that actually had me listening to the end.

OWV – 「Roar」

I said on my livestream (hey, yes, I stream on Twitch) that no J-pop boy group has gotten my interest. None. At least I’ll give K-pop that as I do like a handful of boy groups. OWV is no exception and apparently is made up of guys from the Japanese version of Produce 101. Hmm. Thought so.

Tatsuya Kitani – Accomplice

Not a bad song actually. I’d probably put this under my chill J-pop list than the normal one.

與 真司郎 ( SHINJIRO ATAE) (from AAA) -『Bye Bye』

It’s okay but a tad on the boring side so I’ll just pass on this. Cute dog though.

高野洸 (Takano Akira) – New Direction 

Another Produce 101 boy, so I don’t think I have to say anything this time.

Yup’in – Pick You Up

Not really my style honestly. It’s a mix of pop/RnB with a touch of autotune that is actually a bit distracting.

PEDRO – 丁寧な暮らし

I’m neutral towards this song. I can’t quite make up my mind honestly.


This is pretty neat. I really do like the instrumentals and even though I was expecting the vocals to be a bit different, it’s passable. Also, the description on their YouTube channel is gold:

NECRONOMIDOL is a Japanese idol unit based around the concept of darkness. We play mainly black and post-black metal along with darkwave; our performances are like being beckoned to a netherworld of lovely girls and soul rending terror.

Vaundy – 融解sink

Kinda boring, not gonna lie.

風男塾 (Fudanjuku) – 青春

It’s a trap. I thought these were boys from the thumbnail but 10 seconds into the video, I was like “wait, a moment…these are women, haha.” Yup, apparently this is a girl group but they have an alter ego concept group where they cross dress as guys. Nice. Song is pretty average but hey, if you’re into this stuff – here ya go.

LOVEBITES – Glory To The World 

I wasn’t really expecting such a heavy rock sound but that was my mistake. It’s not too shabby and the main vocalist’s English is not that bad either. There’s a lot of English but I actually didn’t find it cringy or nonsensical (as so many of these type of songs can be).

DA PUMP – Dream on the street

Well, it ain’t my style really but I respect the hustle.

Awesome City Club – ダンシングファイター

I don’t know why but whenever I see a band put adjectives like: awesome, best, good, great, etc. etc. I always feel like they’re trying to make up for something. Not to sound like I’m dissing any who do that (as it can also be a good motivator). Anyways, song isn’t up my alley but it ain’t that bad.

Baby Kiy – Silent moon

Meh. It’s okay.

Miyuu – fly

Why does this give me country-pop vibes? It’s not just because of the hat, right, brain? I’m not as simplistic as that…maybe.


Not really for me either.

もさを。- 桜恋

Not much to say besides I’ll pass on this one, too.

フジファブリック『たりないすくない feat.幾田りら』

I thought this was going to be city pop for a moment but it just has those groovy funk pop vibes that doesn’t quite resonate with me.

DISH – 『ルーザー』

It’s okay. I think it’s missing something (not sure what) that would’ve really made this osng work for me.

sumika – 祝祭

Not a bad song, but I’ll pass on this.

すりぃ feat.鏡音レン – 限りなく灰色へ

A vocaloid song using Kagamine Ren. Uh, it’s okay but nothing stellar for me anyway.

AliA -「ステロイド」

Surprisingly, I didn’t find this song that stimulating and will pass.

Mr.ふぉるて – 幸せでいてくれよ

Meh, this one is in the same category as the last song.

Whew, this was a bit of a long week with some songs actually sneaking in the day of publishing this. I know I shouldn’t review this many songs, but I feel like I should in case I find a hidden gem or find a song that someone may like that they never would have listened to otherwise (despite no one reading this blog).

Anyways, see you all next week.

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