Hi all. This week’s releases started out really good but as the list goes on the songs sorta dive in listenability. I hope we’re all doing well this second week of March and that it will continue to be a decent month for you all. Now, on to the songs.

YOASOBI – Yasashii Suisei

I like this song too. Just like “Gunjo” (though I’m still real biased towards that song), it has a vibe to it that I can get behind..

宇多田ヒカル (Utada Hikaru) -『One Last Kiss』

This isn’t half bad if you’re looking for a laidback chill song to vibe too. Either that, or it may bore you a bit.


I’m pretty sure this video is for the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan 10 years ago (can’t believe it’s been that long). The song isn’t bad but it did make me sad honestly.

【伊東歌詞太郎】Deep Blue【MV2021】

Interesting stories but the song is bit lackluster.

Have a Nice Day! – わたしの名はブルー【 ペタロの時代の愛:前編 】

This song isn’t as boring as I thought it would be from the thumbnail but it still isn’t for me, so pass.

Tsukuyomi/YurryCanon – 御気ノ毒様 feat.flower

Well, this is something. It’s in the usual caliber of a vocaloid song so pass if that’s not your thing.


I actually don’t mind this song. It’s pretty cohesive and not all over the place so that’s nice. And it’s short.

PinocchioP – KICK-ASS *LITERALLY feat. Hatsune Miku

Hey, this one has English subs, so that’s a plus because even if the song isn’t really your style then the lyrics can be entertaining alone. Also, the MV is quite amusing.

DECO*27 – The Vampire feat. Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is being worked this week because here is another song that uses her vocals and this one isn’t half bad to me actually.

☪グッバイ宣言 / 歌ってみた。by天月

This one technically shouldn’t be in here since it’s truly an utaite (cover) song but I actually really like this one too so I’ll keep it in. If you like it too, then I believe the original song and artist is in the description of the video.

片恋/まふまふ – NTTドコモ「ドコモのロング学割」 タイアップソング

This one actually isn’t bad either and if you want more info on this song, I would suggest visiting the comment section which is surprisingly filled with more English comments than you may think (I kid you not, I saw only like one Japanese comment).

SUPER☆GiRLS – はじまりエール

It’s a cute though run of the mill girl group song but I would say give it a try. Plus, I really like their outfits along with the MV.

dosii & I love you Orchestra Swing Style – Swan

Now, don’t be alarmed, but yes, the song is in Korean and yes I kept it in and didn’t put it into my K-pop “review” post because the group seems to be Japan-based. The song itself is a pretty chill song that I didn’t mind.

indigo la End -「たまゆら」

Not a bad song but not up my alley (though it’s almost there. Almost.)

Guiano – アイスクリーム (feat.KAFU)

This isn’t a bad song either but it’s actually a bit on the boring side for me. I guess it’s too “safe” with the musical choices present in the song.

作詞:PA-NON 作曲・編曲:さかいゆう【IDOLY PRIDE】 – song for you(サニーピースver.)

This one is in the same boat as the last one but maybe it’s the voice, but this one is a bit more pleasant to listen to as well.

神山羊 (Kamiyama Yoh) – 生絲 (Kiito)

Okay, this one is just pretty boring.

秋山黄色 (Akiyama Kiro) -『月と太陽だけ』

Hmmm, it seems as we wind down to the end of the list, the songs are becoming rather lackluster.

HY – 366days

Skip ahead to 1:40 for the start of the song (these “First Take” videos always seem to take some time to start up). I don’t really have much to say about this song…

三浦大知 (Daichi Miura) – Backwards 

Yup, we’re done here, folks.

Okay, well, I don’t have much to say in closing. Actually, look forward to another review post this week (one that is LONG overdue). I hope to write more varied content in the future though. Anyways, take care and see you guys next week.

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