(Originally published on lostinareverieblog.wordpress.com on June 11, 2017. I remember this was one of my favorite endings at the time, but to be honest, I haven’t listened to it in a loooong time. I should get back to it honestly along with the anime.)

So, here’s another review I’ve decided to do today. I believe I will try to write one up every Sunday so if ANYONE is actually interested in this stuff than look out for it then. Now, Daisy is from the anime 境界の彼方 (Kyoukai no Kanata) or Beyond the Boundary and is performed by Stereo Dive Foundation. Unfortunately, I have yet to see the anime; though I have watched the first movie which left me slightly baffled and confused admittedly since I had no background. It was a nice movie; although, I probably wouldn’t have been too interested in watching the anime if it wasn’t for the very end with this song. This melody played as the two main characters (featured on the album cover) face each other in a poignant stand off after being separated for a time only for the boy, Akihito, to realize the girl, Mirai, has amnesia. This hits especially hard considering she had done her best to protect him even allowing herself to disappear from his world for what was supposed to be eternal. (Interesting note: Mirai means Future in Japanese which I love and may hint towards the message of this song?). Strangely, this affected me greatly to the point that it stirred up bittersweet emotions. That night after finishing the movie, I looked up Daisy along with the full lyrics and played it over and over again while tearing up and crying. This song just has a way of swaying your emotions and connecting with you on a level that isn’t fully understood, at least for me.

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Kuriyama Mirai during the Daisy ending

This song is lovely to me in the fact that I love everything about it. Just the other night, I left it playing on repeat as I slept only for it to pop up in one of my dreams as I woke up to see it still playing on my phone the next morning. From the melody to the lyrics, everything fits well and helps me immerse myself in the song. From how prominent the piano is to the beating of the drums matching the upbeat yet contemplative tune, this song is wonderful. This song makes me really wish I could play piano just to have a chance at reproducing a melody such as this. As for the message, it makes me feel almost nostalgic for what the singer describes in the lyrics. It’s really difficult to isolate just a few lines from the song as I believe the whole song’s message is one to remember, but I will put the highlights. Starting with the opening lines:

The arrival, tearing the silence into pieces,
Was a predestined encounter for our sake.
And so, you, with regret showing in your grieving eyes,
You wore your sorrow and bloomed beautifully.

A flower, dissolving into someone’s life –
Hey, you can see it too, can’t you?
I’m sure.

To overwrite the accumulated sins,
You’ve got as many times as you need, from the repeating start line.
Painting a tomorrow different from the past,
Painting hope for just the two of us, there’s the start line.
I never say goodbye…
That’s how it always is.

I feel as if the lyrics have more impact when coupled with the melody of the song and yet, it still affects me as how I said before in my previous music review, I really want to cut out the negativities of the past and move on to a better me in a better tomorrow. But ultimately, this song makes me feel like I’m waiting for that chance encounter with someone who will journey with me, through the hardships, the obstacles, the good and bad, and more while never really wanting to say goodbye even if we must be separated for a time. I feel as if I really want to connect with this person and I want to stretch out my hand to this person, and yet despite being within reach, something gets in the way. Is it our differences? My lack of understanding? Mental barriers like her amnesia? Sounds kind of romantic in a dramatic sort of way, does it not? (Yes, as you can see I’m a romantic).

Moving on, I would love to continue my tangent but I will stop for the sake of your eyes and time. Perhaps I will visit the song again some other day when I’ve matured a bit more to fully appreciate it and add a better opinionated review.

If interested, I will put the link of the song at the bottom which will lead to the music video of Daisy with English subtitles (Yay!) or you can practice your Japanese, that’s cool, too.

Lyric credits go to: bambooxzx.wordpress.com

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