Did you think I was finished with my Twisted Wonderland post from a few weeks ago? Since I did that post, I decided I wanted to continue sharing my thoughts here and there about the game through certain events. The latest event that just passed was “Endless Halloween Night,” the second part to the first Halloween event, Terror is Trending.

As you can tell, in a game that relishes in its villains and the twisted tales, Halloween is arguably the biggest holiday in the game. Thus, the past couple of months have been dedicated to this ghoulish holiday. Although, this post will only focus on the sequel, Endless Halloween since, alas, I was not able to properly complete the first part.

But first, a quick rundown of the event for those they didn’t/don’t play and a little promotion~

Endless Halloween Night Commercials

Did you know, Aniplex, the creators and publishers of Twisted Wonderland, actually release animated PVs (promotional videos) for the game including commercials for major events like Endless Halloween? Well, now you know! The above Reddit post shows a compilation of all the commercials for this event that was released on Aniplex’s official Japanese YouTube account. Unfortunately, some of these videos may not be watchable in your country if you watch from the YouTube channel so here is where Reddit saves the day.

Thank you Mr. or Ms. JimakuNoNadare for posting this!


Endless Halloween Title Screen

The Night Raven College students have successfully pulled off a glorious Halloween week dressed up as vampires, werewolves, pirates and the like to entertain visitors from all over. The biggest event of the year has come to a close and now the students must pack it in and rest in order to cleanup for tomorrow (thrilling, I know). Yet, the night is interrupted when it is revealed that some students have disappeared without a trace from their beds. No noise, no signs of struggle. Just what has happened?

Soon it is revealed that there is someone who doesn’t want Halloween to end and thus has kidnapped some of the students to attend a Halloween party in the Spectral (read: Ghost) realm. The remaining students have to venture into the Spectral Realm to save the other students and put a stop to this endless Halloween.

Event Details and Banners

Event Duration: October 31st – November 26th

Featured Cards: Halloween Jamil, Ortho, Floyd, and Sebek R Cards, Ace SR Card

Showcases (Banners):

Image Courtesy of the Twisted Wonderland Fandom Wiki

This event is special in the fact that the banners ran for a duration of a few days each before the last week of the even where they all ran concurrently (as shown in the image above). The pity also carries over! This means you can build pity with each Halloween banner but pity resets back to 0 once the Halloween event is over, so be careful! Pity DOES NOT reset if you pull an SSR (yay~).

I personally did not pull on any of the banners as I pulled a few times during Halloween part 1 and miraculously got Vil’s SSR Halloween card when I was just pulling for Azul the first time I pulled on his banner.

My Thoughts

Rook’s adulation of the ghostly realm.

I assume that whoever reads this post is someone familiar with the event or have played the event themselves, so I won’t go over everything about the story. If you want to become familiar with the story, there are plenty of summaries online about the event from Tumblr to YouTube, I guarantee you’ll find something (Note: Both are from translations of the event but the story is the same).

But the general gist of the event was the remaining students upon entering the Spectral Realm are scattered into groups of three (two in Silver and Jamil’s case) and adventure around a complicated Wonderland-esque Netherworld in order to find the missing students. Thankfully, they’re successful! On the other hand, they discover pesky ghosts hindering their progress with some even possessing the missing students.

The Possessed Students

And boy, were some of the possessed students…interesting to say the least. I was beyond secondhand embarrassment for some of them but I’m just glad that we were able to whack them back to normal.

Jack was the first one I encountered and oh boy, this poor man.

Some of them were dead funny though.

A possessed Azul worrying over Riddle’s blood pressure. Yes, this ghost was pretty hilarious.

But my boys Epel and Kalim were another story entirely. I especially felt bad for dear Epel who was possessed by a ghost that quickly crumbled his dignity and image.

Note: Epel hates being called cute or acting cute. He admires becoming more masculine in opposition to his dainty and delicate features that appear effeminate. No lie, when I first started playing the game, Epel had an exclusive banner up and I thought for a bit that he was a girl. Shame on me, I know. So this ghost possessing him is probably going to leave him with nightmares. Heck, Epel in his possession even booped Leona’s nose…Leona of all people.

I don’t even want to explain what he meant.

As for Kalim, as my favorite among favorites in this game, it personally was a just a bit painful to see him act the exact opposite of how he usually is. It was the Scarabia book all over again.

Although, I admit, it was a tiny bit entertaining as I couldn’t take him too seriously. I mean, it’s Kalim we’re talking about.

The Hallowenders

I think for me one of the best parts of this event was seeing the dynamic between each of the groups that made up the Hallowenders. Oh yes, did I mention Crowley, the NRC headmage, coined that term to describe the remaining students who set out to rescue the kidnappees? Yeah, that word is…a word.

But going back to the Hallowenders, I wanted to share my thoughts a little on them.

Ace, Leona, and Floyd
This was…certainly a group (lol).

This team made me say poor Ace even though I still side-eye that boy thanks to how snarky and cheeky he can be with his comments. But he didn’t deserve to be put between Floyd…Floyd of all people and Leona. Now, don’t take me wrong – I like both Leona and Floyd but I would be lying if I said I would survive being stuck in a group with them.

Not to mention the fact that poor Ace get possessed by a ghost and after saying some tough words to the two of them, is promptly happily beaten up by Leona and Floyd. So yeah, not only is Ace possessed and beaten up, he has to deal with Floyd’s antics (that boy can’t settle down) and Leona’s “powerful” leadership. I’d suffocate if Floyd doesn’t squeeze me first.

Riddle, Ortho, and Ruggie
Ruggie explaining to Riddle that saying Hallowenders is cringe after the latter says it unironically.

This was also a group made up of very interesting individuals that you wouldn’t normally imagine together. I don’t have too much to say about this group but I did enjoy reading their conversations together especially when Ortho and Ruggie were trying to teach Riddle about the joy in adventuring.

Our boy, Riddle, really out here sounding like an old man who thinks the peak of entertainment is crossword puzzles and reading the encyclopedia.

Ruggie looks ready to give up honestly.
Rook, Trey, and Sebek
I ask myself the same questions every day, Trey. You’re not alone.

Trey certainly says it like it is. I honestly felt like Trey was the one rational one in a group of concerning individuals. It was fairly interesting learning more about Rook, however. He talks a little bit about his past (whether you believe it or not is another story though) and the way he tackles the missing student problem was also very telling of his personality. Indeed, he almost seemed too blasé and casual about the whole crisis. Which sets off Sebek who accuses Rook of possibly being the one behind this, if not helping those involved. Trey does his best to defend Rook before Rook explains why he is the way he is through backstory. It’s enough to settle down Sebek, but boy, was that whole conversation something else.

Trey doing his best to defend Rook. Success or fail? You be the judge.

But to me, he seemed like a pretty good leader for the problem at hand. He is a fascinating individual honestly and before this event, I knew next to nothing about him really.

Oh, and it’s his birthday today so wishing him a merveilleux annivarsaire! Also, wishing those luck pulling for his birthday card/s – may the gacha gods be with you. (Unfortunately, this will be published a day after his birthday which is December 2nd – I tried but time was not on my side).

Happy Birthday to a very enigmatic and questionable individual.
Silver and Jamil
Jamil growing more and more incredulous with Silver’s stories about his father.

I’m not going to lie. I felt this was the dynamic that I didn’t know I needed. It was honestly hilarious watching Jamil mouth agape in disbelief at the stories Silver would tell him of his childhood adventures or his father. Silver’s deadpanned expressions and matter of fact way of speaking only made it even better.

Honestly, Silver in some ways remained me of Kalim if only the more obliviousness of Jamil having a slight existential crisis over what he was hearing. Just pure gold I tell you.

Silver is honestly just too nice. Love him.

I would love to see more interactions between the two. I hope I do see more of that in the future.

The Culprits of Endless Halloween & The End

I nearly missed adding this part which is funny as it’s quite crucial to this event but I will keep this quick as this post is longer than I intended. The culprits of this Endless Halloween happens to be the ghosts themselves who ended up missing out on NRC’s Halloween week but still wanted to get some Halloween action. And guess who gave them the idea to throw a party with the NRC students…?

Malleus, how could you?

But to be fair to Malleus, the ghosts’ backstory was pretty unfortunate so I understand he was just trying to do a good deed, but it went awry when the ghosts couldn’t properly explain to the Hallowenders their true reasons for kidnapping like a third of the student body. Both Malleus and Lilia were in on it along with inviting the MC and Grim to attend as well. Everyone else was in the dark including the teachers and headmage so yeah, fabulous planning. An invitation was left, but of course, it came off as more nefarious than pleasant.

Still, the Hallowenders did take part of the blame for not letting the ghosts explain as the teams truly used the tactic of act first, ask questions later which did not impress Lilia in the slightest.

Honestly, priceless reaction.

With the crisis properly explained and resolved, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought the students packed it up and went home but surprisingly they stay to party with the ghost and all’s well that ends well.

Jade and Cater who were both possessed. I swear, this is the nicest I’ve seen the NRC boys.

And with that, I will end this piece here before I ramble on far more than I already have. This was a very fun event! Unfortunately, I never finished Halloween part 1 so I don’t feel comfortable writing that one so this will have to do. This event definitely feels like a lot of thought and fan service was put into it and I appreciate it. I still consider myself a beginner in the realm of Twisted Wonderland, but it’s been a fun journey so far and the Halloween events really cemented that.

While this event was going on, the Japanese server had “Glorious Masquerade” going on which was the Halloween event for them this year. Since I just started on the Japanese server, I couldn’t properly finish the event but I’m really really looking forward to when it comes to the English server next year because it looks like it will be tons of fun to read and directly participate in.

And of course, the banners! I need to save up to pull for either Idia or Azul. Malleus looks great as well and miraculously he came home with Jamil ( who I was really pulling for) when I pulled on his banner. Why? Why?? I really don’t know, but Malleus best boy. With the way I pulled this dude, I should be calling in Malleus-sama and worshipping him just like Sebek. I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but thank you, sir.

He came in my first ever gacha pull on the JPN TWST and I’ve never been beside myself in such disbelief.

Stay tuned for my next Twisted Wonderland post…whatever that will be!

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