Hi all, it’s been way too long since I have made a blog post on here. Grad school was no joke this semester and I had to dedicate most of my free time to just reading materials and writing up paper after paper to the point that writing felt more like a chore. But I’m back this summer to continue simping over 2D men and emptying my wallet over more games (there are SO MANY new otome games coming out this summer alone I’m shook).

Speaking of emptying wallets, a few days ago Otomate, a branch of Idea Factory focused on otome games, released the trailer for the FD (fandisk) for Cupid Parasite and my god…

This trailer can and will change you.

Good lord…the CGs alone. I advise you to avert your eyes because I going to show some CGs that made me just want to drop ridiculous amounts of money on this game. I’m such a sell-out.

A ~hot~ sneak peek at some of the CGs in the FD.

I mean, can you blame me once you see those beautiful men above me? But let’s just look a bit closer at some of them, shall we?

There is so much tongue action, so much mouth action! Excuse me, but why…why are we like this???

Anyways, please take my $200 and give me all the merch with this game, please and thank you because as someone who hasn’t been able to play otome games as much as I wanted to this past few months (because grad school), watching this trailer made me realize how otome-starved I am. Like holy, this game alone is threatening me to become a whole other person I never knew I was capable of being. Is this the power of otome?

Well, moving on, to more important information. Cupid Parasite: Sweet and Spicy Darling is set to be released in Japan on September 28th, 2023. Meaning, I have to find a way to import this game because there is no way I have the patience to wait until it gets localized, let alone confirmation that it will indeed be localized. However, as it turns out, not only do I have to worry about making sure I can find a site that ships to me, but figure out which version of the game I want.

Apparently there different sets you can buy from different retailers and its quite confusing for someone doing this for the first time. The way I understand it is that you can get the standard version which is just the game or you can get a set from a specific retailer which not only comes with the game but various merch. The merch itself depends on which seller you buy the game from. Otomate seems to have a set they’re selling themselves called the Otomate Sweet Box which comes with a soundtrack AND drama CD, 7 photocards, and a S & S Wedding Note amongst other things. From what I’ve seen the Stellaworth version seems to be one of the more popular ones and looking at the merch options you can clearly see why.

Girls and Boys, we will be eating well this Fall.

For those that can’t read Japanese Katakana, Stellaworth’s set is on the right and Animate is the other one you see in the image. Looks like one can get badge sets, drama/voice CDs, the lovely Peter and Allan poster and more. To be honest, I am tempted to try to find Animate’s set because Ryuki just looks exceptionally good there (where are his green highlights!? Not complaining though…)

And after seeing this tweet about someone getting Bustafellows 2 from Stellaworth’s, I got to say I’m sorely tempted to buy from there.

Credit to @karasumayukito1

After a bit of a search, I found CDJapan sells the Stellaworth set but my goodness, it’s going to cost me $200 shipping included and as a poor grad student, should I do this to myself? I saw they also sell the Otomate Sweet Box for those interested in that one instead. The Sweet Box is about $50 cheaper for me so I should be smart and save, but…

CDJapan also sells the regular and special editions as well which sell for about the usual prices you would buy a normal or limited edition otome game for (about $50 and $60 respectively). The special edition comes with the drama CD and a leaflet according to the website. Still, I’m more sold on the Stellaworth set as this would be my first time ever buying otome merch outside of just getting the game and also my birthday is in October and I just consider this a future birthday gift to myself because boy, I’m going to probably need this game by the time it comes out in the middle of the school semester. CDJapan only takes preorders for the Stellaworth set until the end of June so I better make up my mind soon. Oh boy, my poor wallet.

And that’s about it, folks. I wanted to write up a short little blurb of a post to say yes, I’m still here and kicking! I haven’t forgotten my love for otome! School is just a prison and I’m on parole for the time being. Hopefully, I can write more this summer before I’m summoned again. I’m really looking forward to the Cupid Parasite FD as this will only be my second one after Collar x Malice Unlimited which I still haven’t finished.

BUT I’m also happy that not only are we going to see our boys again, especially my favorites being Peter, Ryuki, and Allan (wait for me, my beloveds), but I was happy to see that the Biscats, the band who delivered the opening and endings to the first CupiPari game is coming back! Seriously, check them out. I shouted them out in my review post and they somehow found that and retweeted my tweet on it and now I’m forever a fan. Their music theme fits CupiPari so well though so looking forward to hear more and listening to the music in the trailer leaves me feeling like the soundtrack is back in good hands.

Guys, I’m crying.

Well, that is it from me. I’m glad to be back and I’ll see you all in the next post!

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