Tenkousei ga Oshi Seiyuu Datta Hanashi or The Story of How My Favorite Voice Actor Became the Exchange Student, is a manga I wanted to cover in brief in this quick post. This manga currently only has 3 translated chapters out at the time I am writing up this post but I just had to because I feel like this has a lot of potential to become a hidden gem. I also feel as if a lot of the people who visit my blog will relate the main character of the manga if the title wasn’t clear enough.

AuthorGenreCurrent # of Volumes (at time of writing)
MilligramRomance, School Life, Shoujo, Comedy1 Volume

The new student who transferred to Yuka’s class is her favorite voice actress, Sakashira Oto. She just wants to watch over him from the shadows, but for some reason he takes care of her and plays around with her!

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The story is about as simple as you could get really. Arisaka Yuka, our lovely protagonist is starstrucked when her favorite voice actor, Shirasaka Otoya, is transferred to her class and proceeds to freak the freak out when he also ends up being seatmates with her. Thus, begins Yuka’s struggles to maintain a low profile in order not to embarrass herself in front of her favorite seiyuu and watch as she fails spectacularly right from the start.

Yuka and Otoya (Credit: Plum Translations)

I have to say, Yuka is a very relatable representation of the typical seiyuu fangirl (and boy possibly). If you, dear reader, have a favorite seiyuu out there then you must no the exact way Yuka probably feels when her oshi transfers to her class. Amazingly, Yuka actually chooses to quietly admire him from the sidelines just as he finds her on the rooftop to give her back test that had fallen under her desk – a test with a failing grade. How’s that for first impressions? Again, the relatability with Yuka is real.

Despite Yuka’s best efforts, our man Otoya here seems to have no qualms approaching her and getting close to her. Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t the flirtatious confident sort. On the contrary, he comes across as a rather quiet and soft boy who only shows confusion over the flustered and clumsy Yuka’s actions. When Yuka accidentally leaves behind a keychain of an anime character he is currently voicing, Otoya realizes she may be a fan of the character, but is she a fan of him? This definitely gets him curious in Yuka and leads him to approaching her casually throughout the school day as he helps her with various student tasks such as helping her wipe down the blackboard or taking papers to the faculty office. This proves too much for her panicked fangirl heart as Yuka runs away from her at lunch time when he quite unexpectedly sits next to her.

Poor Otoya probably just wants to return her keychain and ask about her interest in his character, but the girl is determined to stay away from that fangirl fantasy, huh?

Anyways, as I said there isn’t much to this manga yet but I feel it is definitely going to be a beautiful parallel to the actual seiyuu fangirl life except without the hot and/or cute seiyuu transferring to your high school class. Still, please keep this on your watchlist to read and I’ll be sure to come back with any updates on this manga.

Where to Read it: While I do advocate supporting the original author/mangaka by asking you to buy the manga, the first volume of this manga only dropped in March of this year and thus is not localized in any country (yet hopefully). If you don’t mind reading it in Japanese or know enough of the language to get buy, I would suggest Amazon Japan or CD Japan. If you can’t afford that or simply don’t feel compelled to pour money into this series yet, there is Plum Translations run by a grad student who is taking the time to translate this series on the side. Please show them support!

Yuka eating lunch by herself. She has no friends at school and her putting up a front is sad but relatable to see. (Credit: Plum Translations)

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