Hi, welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Welcome to no one and nobody. I’ve learned from my previous blog that people don’t even read these About pages so I’ll just write whatever nonsense I want here. And yes, I have another blog called Kpopslostfangirl that you can visit if you want for all your K-pop needs (sort of). It’s not great, but I try.

A sample of my work. Who else has a death wish in dragging BTS in the Kpoposphere?

Though, it is part of the reason I started this blog by me for me since I wanted a more stress-free and relaxed blog to write up my thoughts on another form of Asian entertainment. I mean, I think we all know that K-pop and its fans can get a bit too serious when it’s not meant to be. I also was facing some…I guess you could say some identity crisis and doubts with that blog as well. This is where this blog comes in.

Here, I wanted to write from time to time all things Japanese entertainment or really, whatever catches my fancy. This blog should have started a months ago but due to life getting in the way and my health just not being up to par, it’s only now I’m finally posting on this site. Set up was done way back in June/July though.

This page will definitely be edited as I find my groove with this site, so bear with me for like a year, honestly. Why? Because, I’m still trying to figure out what content to put here. Sure, I planned out some posts but anything can happen and I may figure that this type of post may not be for me, for instance. I do plan on posting my opinion on anime, a drama or two, some bands, and games. I also want to dabble into learning about Japanese society in connection to these things because as an old Japanophile, I’ve forgotten quite a bit about Japan since I was taken by the K-pop train.

I know, I’m a sham, but that’s why this site is called The Lost Japanophile, because I am and probably will forever be perpetually lost on these things. But, if you want to join me on rediscovering Japan, that would be nice though you’ll most likely suffer.

On a side note, since I’m trying to keep up with two blogs now among other work, I don’t know how much updating this site will receive since unfortunate or not, my K-pop site is more of a priority for now and again, this site is more for me to have fun with when I want.

Yet, we will see what the future brings.

I’m sorry, but they look like little poop which suits me well.