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[A Noob Review] Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

Hello fellow otome lovers, I have come with my first ever “review” on an otome game and I hope you stick around for more. As suggested by the title, I am going to be discussing the popular otome game franchise: Hakuoki. In this post, I will only be covering the remastered Steam edition of Kyoto Winds. I have little knowledge of the original games and never played them, so apologies if I appear quite ignorant here and there on the finer details of the series (and boy, what a series it is!)

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Queering History and Japanese Masculinity through Otome Games: Hakuoki

Note: This is another piece I wrote during my grad studies and thus has a more formal tone to it. This short piece is a brief exploration of women creating their own alternative histories and pleasure seeking through the popular otome game, Hakuoki.

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Becoming a Villainess in a Man’s World

Note: This piece was originally written in one of my graduate courses last month as a short little final project. I thought it was a good fit for the blog so I decided to publish it here since the subject of otome games, manga, and anime are venues I hope to study and research more in the future. Plus, it’s just fun! I won’t lie when I say I have indulged in this genre for about the last year or so, so it was a given to explore this more from an academic angle. I hope this short little article gives food for thought and I hope to publish more about it in the future.

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