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The Seasons Die Out, One After Another by amazarashi (Review)

(Originally published on on June 4, 2017).

Even though it says review in the title, I’m no music critic and especially not one of Japanese music though that would be quite awesome. I thought I would start writing about some music that I really love or that strike a chord within me. This is one of them.

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[A Noob Review] Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

Hello fellow otome lovers, I have come with my first ever “review” on an otome game and I hope you stick around for more. As suggested by the title, I am going to be discussing the popular otome game franchise: Hakuoki. In this post, I will only be covering the remastered Steam edition of Kyoto Winds. I have little knowledge of the original games and never played them, so apologies if I appear quite ignorant here and there on the finer details of the series (and boy, what a series it is!)

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