Hey, so I’m back late this week. Easter weekend turned out to be a bit busier and draining so I took a break until Monday to get this out. Enjoy~

YOASOBI -「三原色」(ahamo Special Movie)

I like this one and find the style choice interesting but the song literally means “Primary Colors” so I guess that’s why. It’s short but it’s basically an advertisement for ahamo, a cellphone service.

いきものがかり (Ikimonogakari) -「TSUZUKU」

Ballad-type song that gives some feel good vibes. It sounds very anniversary-like so maybe that’s it?

ЯeaL「Brilliant escape」

Kind of lackluster for me honestly. I’ll pass.

櫻坂46 (Sakurazaki46)『思ったよりも寂しくない』

This holds some road trippy vibes with that guitar but then it changes to sound more poppy and bohoish (if that makes sense…look, I don’t know how to describe music, okay?). It’s alright, I guess.

FAKY / 99 オトナの土ドラ『リカ 〜リバース〜』主題歌

It’s a “meh” from me, guys.

CHAI – Nobody Knows We Are Fun

I don’t even really know what to make of this one. It sounds like that hypnotic gogo music you hear in those hidden away off-brand clubs or something. But it’s CHAI so it’s expected.

森恵 (Mori Megumi) – Proceed

It’s alright but I have no further comments on this song.

HIMEHINA [Flowing Life] 

Big mood music but the song is just alright.


Listen for yourselves cause I’m not sure how to feel about this song really.

キタニタツヤ Tatsuya Kitani – Ghost!?

Jazzy big brass song here that you would swing to in a lounge tucked away in the nightlife of Japan. If that sounds nice then listen ahead.

Dios – 逃避行

It’s okay, not bad but not exceptional either.

a crowd of rebellion – Under The Split Tree 

Thought this was going to be straight metal but then the vocals kicked into a rock melody and I’m just left saying: Wow…just wow…


Eh, I don’t mind this one.

Da-iCE (YUDAI Ohno・SOTA Hanamura) – CITRUS 

Same with this one actually. S’alright.

*Luna – イノセント (Innocent) feat.ねんね

This isn’t bad either and I would actually listen to this again but there are just some parts of the song that fall kinda flat for me.

AliA 「ゆびさき」

Again, it’s alright.

Not much to see here besides see you all next week. Bye bye~

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