I really shouldn’t be doing this because I can’t write music reviews, but I’m just doing this for the fun of it. I try to keep to a schedule but this J-pop post has been hopping around a bit. I thought I finally settled on Saturdays but the past couple of posts have been published on Sundays. Oh well, no one reads this so I can do what I want. Read on for like 11 songs this week.

I Don’t Like Mondays. – 地上を夢見る魚

This will definitely be a hit or miss for some people as it can come across as a bit boring. Personally, I don’t mind it. It’s no Entertainer, but I can accept this. It’s chill but still has some life in it, so I appreciate it.


This is a nice MV with an equally nice song but the song stays kinda flat with much “variety,” so it may feel like it’s dragging a bit as you continue to listen.

じん『チルドレンレコード(Re:boot)』/ JIN『Children Record(Re:boot)』

Pretty typical vocaloid song using Miku Hatsune. Don’t got much else to say here.


Well…you’ll like this one if you enjoy MVs where you can watch cute couples do cute lovey-dovey things…

藤井フミヤ – Another Orion 

If you can’t tell how this may sound by just looking at the guy, then you should listen to more Japanese music instead of the usual AKB48 copy.

Motohiro Hata – Uroko

This is about the same as the listen one but the guitar just adds to…uhhh…the ambience of the song…

ShishiShishi 獅子志司 喰らいながら

It’s okay, but I got easily distracted while listening to this song, not even the visuals kept my attention, so take that as you will.


I was too distracted by how sparkly and ostentatious the MV looked to really, ah, appreciate the song.

Vaundy – しわあわせ

Vaundy seems to be more of a miss for me. This song in particular does have that “umph” factor after a rather milquetoast intro but I didn’t really feel much during the chorus and then it just goes back to being rather bland so I gotta pass on this one.


Ohhh, we got some rapping in this song…not that that added to the song really. It’s stull pretty lackluster but they seem to be having fun.

Rude-α 『Beautiful Day』

I only put this one in here because he seems rather enthused. Song s’alright.

So yeah, a short week we had here. Maybe next week will bring us more songs and hopefully more gems.

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