So since I’m just doing this just for fun, I’ll still try to stick to a somewhat regular day I post things but will probably be a day or two off especially as I get busier in preparation for the summer and the impending doom of grad school.

Enjoy though!

HoneyWorks – アルティメットぷう feat. クマ丸・パンミィ(CV:杉田智和・堀江由衣)

I don’t know exactly what this is but one of my favourite seiyuus (voice actor) is in this so I’m rating it an 11/10. In all seriousness though, I do enjoy the song though.

HoneyWorks feat. 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku) – 小悪魔だってかまわない!

This song is more chill than the previous one which was a bit all over the place thanks to the seiyuus. This one is still okay though.

東京事変 (Tokyo Jihen)- 緑酒

The video itself reminds me of a Japanese drama that I watched where Tokyo Jihen provided the theme song.


Very Super Beaverish.


Neat song…found myself humming along at least.


Song’s kinda meh.

LiSA 『Letters to ME』

This song is also pretty so-so.


Very indie rock sounding and I like that a lot.

4s4ki – gemstone feat. Puppet

Um, not too bad of a song…sorta. When the guy comes in it drops in quality since the shouty verses don’t do much for me.

CHAI – IN PINK (feat. Mndsgn) 

Ah, CHAI. No matter what you think of their content, you gotta admit, they’re dedicated to putting out release upon release. Maybe the exposure effect is kicking in but I’m starting to appreciate their stuff.

芹澤 優 with DJ KOO & MOTSU / YOU YOU YOU Dance Ver.

Despite the upbeat perky nature of the song, I’m not that sold.

日向坂46 (Hinatazaka46)『Right?』

This is kinda the same except less boring.

日向坂46 (Hinatazaka46)『どうする?どうする?どうする?』

Okay, after the almost one minute and a half intro, the music kicks in and admittedly it’s a bit catchier than the previous song…as in I find myself nodding my head a bit to it from the start.

SixTONES – Strawberry Breakfast

I…actually don’t mind this song at all actually…but then they added that rap part (unnecessary in my opinion). However, besides that particular part, the rest of the song I could actually groove to, so one of the best boy groups songs I’ve heard on this list…which isn’t saying much but still an achievement!


This one is okay but not much else to say from me.

Kohana Lam 「I didn’t want to listen your “sorry”」

I like the voice of this particular artists but while the lyrics are quite heartfelt, I still rather neutral to the song.

ReoNa 『まっさら』

I also kinda like this song especially once it hits the chorus. Maybe this is a good candidate for my chill J-pop list which I’ve finally started!

WGB (Wagakki Band) – Starlight

A rather interesting band who uses traditional Japanese instruments while still retaining a rock vibe. I would say give this song a chance as it’s not bad sounding at all and rather good.

BBHF 『黒い翼の間を』

Song is pretty meh.

WANDS 「カナリア鳴いた頃に」

Ditto here but the guys are kinda cute though.

Laura day romance – fever

Ditto here…it just sounds the same throughout and while some may love/don’t mind that, my mind finds it too easy to tune out unless done right.

藍井エイル (Eir Aoi)「鼓動」

Also, not smitten with this song.

*Luna – パーフェクト・ピース (Perfect Piece) feat.VY1

I had kicked out a couple of songs before this one because I would’ve just been repeating myself. I only kept this in because I can at least say, hey, look a vocaloid song.


Awakened my mind a bit specifically during the chorus.

ヤングスキニー (yangskinny) – ワンナイト

I don’t know what it is exactly…but I don’t really like this song…like that much at all.

羽生まゐご (Hanyuu Maigo)「オノマトペ」feat.りりあ。

Okay, thankfully we’ve gotten to a song again that surprisingly didn’t make me sleepy or bored despite it being a rather chill, almost monotoned song. Guess my brain is playing conundrums today.

MAISONdesヨワネハキ feat. 和ぬか, asmi

This one is also not that stellar but I’ll take it.

Novelbright – 開幕宣言

Quite grandiose in presentation but it didn’t stave off my sleepiness (it’s not the song this time, I’m just a sleepy lady).

かさねうた – CRカップテーマソング

Not sure what this is but seems like it’s a whole group of utaites?V-tubers? Who came together to sing a song. It’s what you’d expect from a group of utaites.

Harumaki Gohan – The Third Heart feat. Miku Hatsune

Interesting lyrics, lacklusterish song.


Okay, I let them back in here because I just appreciate how into the song they’ll get, especially the guy on the left.

Awesome City Club – Wasurena

Okay, I’m done for the week.

The “This is really and old song but I like it” Section

amazarashi – Kisetsu Wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku (Seasons die one after another)

So this song is a rather old one (few years), but this First Take is new and so I decided to put it in regardless. I discovered this song through Tokyo Ghoul (it’s one of the endings) and loved it especially since I really liked the lyrics. Plus, it’s a rather heavy song when you listen to it in context with the anime (even if the anime is heavily contested to be a pretty bad adaptation). Anyway, please enjoy this acoustic version of Kisetsu Wa Tsugitsgui Shindeiku.

And I’ll see you all next week…probably.

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