Hey guys, how is everyone? I don’t have much to put here in this little beginning blurb so we’ll just get right to the review.

=LOVE(イコールラブ)/ お姉さんじゃダメですか?

This preppy poppy song ain’t bad but not really striking or unique enough for me to come back for a listen.

DA PUMP – Oh! My Precious!

Well, this is for the girls and boys who miss the early 2000s-era boy groups and sound because this is basically what this is.


This song ain’t too bad. I mean, I don’t mind it but others may find it a bore. But hey! At least the MV follows a pretty cute black cat as it travels around Japan and makes another cat friend in the end so already got some bonus points for that.

Fun fact: The cats’ names are Jack and Miiko (watch the credits).

 Meychan – I don’t care if you’re a little minx!

So apparently the music is by Honeyworks which explains why I don’t mind this song. Actually, it’s rather cute if you don’t find it a bit cringe I suppose. I really like the art as well (I’m not even really reviewing the music anymore am I?). Also, the little twist at the end kinda sold me even more.

sasakure.‌UK -『化孵化』 feat.可不 (KAFU)

This one is rather on the boring side for me.


This one is also kinda lukewarm to me. I appreciate that it’s not too over the top though looking at the thumbnail after all is a bit misleading…sorta.

ASP/A – Song of Punk 

I was expecting different and was mildly disappointed (don’t let the song title fool you).

back number – Phantom thief

Decent song. Still didn’t capture my attention as my mind started to drift away to other things.

センチミリメンタル (Centimillimental)『nag』


ウォルピスカーター (Wolpis Carter) ×Orangestar『オーバーシーズ・ハイウェイ』

It’s okay.

MARiA 「ハルガレ」【うたものがたり】

The songs are slowly falling into the lackluster category.

Omoinotake – 彼方

This isn’t bad actually. I’d put this in a chill playlist probably.


Not really my vibe but I can appreciate the indie rock melody.

マカロニえんぴつ (Macaroni Enpitsu )「八月の陽炎」

This sounds indie as well but I find it…ehhhh….how to put it nicely…? Not as stimulating.

Novelbright(Yudai Takenaka) – Tsukimisou 

I didn’t have high hopes for this song but it surpassed my expectations as it really got going so I’d give this a listen if only to the halfway mark.

The “This is really and old song but I like it” Section

amazarashi – Long hope philia

Yeah, amazarashi dropped another “First Take” this past week and I still wanted to put this in because memories, okay?

Alright, and that’s it for this week! See, the cats really won me over this week and that’s how you do it. For all my Americans out there, have a good and happy Memorial Day! And for others, just try to have a good day~

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